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Meet Our Family!

AsomBroso is a family owned and operated company, dedicated to creating the worlds most sophisticated and exclusive tequilas.

With over 20 years of experience using traditional and revolutionary barrel aging techniques and harvesting only the finest 100% Highland Blue Weber agave, we have achieved what we know are the world's top tequilas. 


Looking for something new and exciting? La Rosa Reposado is an excellent gift for any casual or experienced tequila drinker. La Rosa is an exceptional spirit perfect for both sipping and mixing. Rested three months in Bordeaux wine barrels, this tequila takes on a beautiful pink hue. La Rosa as it stands is our most sold tequila World Wide!

Taste Profile-The nose is sweet and delightfully fragrant. Aeration brings out the complex characteristics of a fine vintage Bordeaux. The palate begins spicy and peppery moving to a sweet and smooth vanilla finish.

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Our top selling Extra Anejo and our majority of customer's "Go-To", this tequila is a show stopper. Not only is the presentation beautiful, but the flavor is unrivaled in it's price range. Perfect for those who not only love fine tequila, but whisky, cognac, and brandy as well. This tequila has been given the highest awards possible from the only competition that matters, the "Worlds Spirit Competition".
Taste Profile- Delicate, oaky, and honey-like opening nose; honey component expands to include vanilla, buttercream and toffee, yielding to a smooth caramel finish.

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Delicious-Pure- Modest
Perfect for the casual tequila drinker who loves premium spirits for both sipping and cocktails. Used as the base for all our other tequilas, El Platino is triple distilled and un-aged tequila that represents the height of  the  blanco category  while making for an affordable gift. This tequila has been awarded the prestigious "Top Tequila" in the "Worlds Spirit Competition" 2 years in a row! 
Taste Profile-Nose emits zesty scents of fennel, anise and dried herbs; aeration brings out chocolate, agave, and rye bread. Palate entry is peppery and sharp, followed by flavors of sweet pepper and ripe agave.

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Rare- Unparalleled- Perfection
The newest edition to our line up released  December 2017.  A decade rested in a famous Cognac - Grand Marnier- barrel, this tequila is completely original in nature.  For a true fine spirits lover and anyone looking for the very definition of craft tequila, we implore you to sip this masterpiece. Only 1 barrel has been released World Wide.
Taste Profile -Buttercream, toffee, caramel and vanilla up front with a deliciously smooth oaky and cocoa mid-pallet, followed by a timid and gratifying orange blossom, roasted nuts and sweet agave finish.

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Classic -Luxurious-Oaky
For those who love the finer things in life, and luxury is a commodity, our vintage 11 year is the perfect gift. The pinnacle of aged tequila. The Vintage 11 year is one of the highest regarded single barrel aged extra anejos to ever be created.

Taste Profile-The nose is sweet with hints of butterscotch and caramel; aeration expands to include honey oak, and a touch of cinnamon; the opening palate is warming agave without the bitterness. Mid-palate reveals notes of vanilla and oak moving towards a smooth finish.

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Revolutionary – Rare - Elegant

First of its kind and another limited release, this tequila perfectly balances all the best parts of an elegant tequila and full-flavored whisky. Pleasing both the most sophisticated tequila, whisky and bourbon aficionados. Aged 5 years in  French Oak barrels, then aged an additional year in one of the World’s most prestigious Irish Whisky American Oak barrels. Only 1 barrel has been released World Wide 

Taste Profile- Pleasantly sweet, with hints of spice, fresh herbs, and oak. Finishes; vanilla, caramel, smoked spices, dry herbs, and buttercream.

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Perfection - Luxury - Rare

For the person who has it all, this is for you. Given the highest rating for any Tequila in the World, we first age this tequila for 11 years in premium new French Oak barrels. We then double barrel this tequila in famous Napa CA vineyard Silver Oak’s Napa Cabernet Sauvignon American Oak for a year. 

Taste Profile- vanilla, oak, butterscotch from the French oak, and a bountiful kiss of fruit, boysenberries and fine-grained tannin from the Silver Oak barrel, which adore the agave and culminate with a taste experience of pure pleasure.

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When excellence is the only option, the Del Porto is the perfect gift. First of its kind, our Del Porto is aged 11 years in French oak then re-rested in port wine barrels. The perfect display of luxury and innovation, our Del Porto is like nothing on earth. We recommend giving this to someone that means a great deal to you.

Tasting Profile- Del Porto’s texture is smooth and silky while the aroma inhibits a semi sweet, yet oaky persona; palate entry is oaky with floral undertones, while the mid-palate gives way to a toffee with a sweet port. 

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