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Create Your Own Margarita Bar!

Looking for the perfect addition to your Cinco De Mayo fiesta? Why not try your very own margarita bar! Now you and your guests can create your own margaritas using all sorts of delicious ingredients. Simple to make with a very lasting impression everyone can enjoy!

To start, you will need 6 glasses or bowls to which you can place each ingredient, one large pitcher to hold the margarita base, 6 serving spoons to serve the ingredients, and as many glasses as you see fit to serve your margaritas to your guests.


Now that you have your serving dishes, you can now fill each of your glasses or bowls with our list of the perfect margarita ingredients.

Depending on the size of the party, you will need to judge how much of each ingredient you will need to make. We are basing this off a gathering of 15 people. 


-Chipotle powder ( you can find this at any local grocery store)
-Sliced Jalapeno ( usually 3-4 large are enough)
-12 oz Fresh Pineapple  cut into cubes ( canned is fine as well)
-1 full Cucumber, halved then sliced
-1 to 2 Fresh Large Grapefruit(s) sliced
-3-4 Fresh Limes Sliced.
-Gran Mariner- ( you can use triple sec if you prefer)

Your Base Margarita

To create the base for your margarita, you need to do a 2-1 ratio of margarita mix to AsomBroso El Platino or La Rosa Reposado tequila inside your pitcher.  One large pitcher is usually enough per 12-15 people. You can also substitute out sweet and sour mix for fresh lime juice. NOTE: make sure to leave room for ice to keep the margarita chilled.

Now Have Some Fun!

Now that your ingredients and base margarita are ready, instruct your guests to pour the base margarita into a glass over ice, then use the ingredients to create what ever type of margarita they would like! The best part about this is that their is not wrong combination of ingredients!

You can also give them guidance with our list of combinations below! 


Delicious Combinations
Cucumber- Jalapeno
Lime-Jalapeno-Gran Mariner
Grapefruit- Lime-Jalapeno
Jalapeno -Chipotle-Cucumber
Gran Mariner -Grapefruit-Lime
Cucumber- Chipotle
Pineapple- Grapefruit- Gran Mariner



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