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How to Host a Tequila Tasting!

Looking for a great idea for your next gathering? Why not host a tequila tasting party? 

Easy and fun, everyone has the chance to become a tequila critic while sampling and rating good and perhaps not so good tequila brands! 

Lets begin!

Types of Tastings 

There are two types of tastings that we recommend running according to your preference, a standard and blind.

Blind Tasting are where your guests will not know which brand of tequila they are sipping. This leaves the tasting unbiased and adds a level of surprise! Perhaps you can add more luxurious brands into a mix of low shelf tequilas to see if your guests can tell the difference! Make sure to pour the tequila into marked cups before serving in your glassware as to not give away the tequila brand. 

Standard tastings are similar to blind though the tequila label is known and not hidden. 


We recommend using tequilas in the same resting category as  this yields the best results for comparison. What we mean by category is pair silvers/blancos ( clear un-aged tequilas) against other silvers per brand. This goes for reposados ( aged less than a year), anejos ( aged over a year) and extra anejos ( aged over 3 years). This makes the tequila tasting fair in that each resting duration brings a certain base flavor throughout every brand of tequila.


Above are the recommended glassware that are preferred for any and all tequila tastings. These glasses are ideal for capturing the aromas of the tequila before sipping, allowing for a much more in-depth experience of flavor.


Sipping and Rating

Once your have selected the tequilas you will taste, the type of tasting to perform and the glassware to sip from, the fun begins! Have your guests sample each tequila one by one and rate each. Below is a rating card which you can print out and use. Rate each tequilas quality on a 1-5 point system ( 1 being the lowest). 

Proper way to sip

1. Pour tequila gently into glass

2. Slowly and gentle swirl tequila

3. Dip nose into glass, inhale the aromas.

4. Sip slowly and rest tequila on tongue, let tequila rest on your tongue for just a moment.







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