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New Especial De Rouge (Francia) Extra Anejo

Introducing our newest addition to the AsomBroso Fine Tequilas family,

Especial De Francia 10 Year Extra Anejo

A completely new concept and product of 20 years experience in perfecting the craft of fine barrel aged tequilas, Ricardo Gamarra the founder and master distiller of AsomBroso has truly out done himself.  

Ten years ago Ricardo carefully selected a single oak barrel previously used to host one of Frances iconic orange liqueur cognacs, to aged this tequila for an entire decade! 

This cask hosts a beautiful sweet orange blossom, heavy spice, mild oak, and french vanilla finish that is perfectly suited for our critic and caramel notes of our tequila. Ageing for ten years lends this tequila an unparalleled smoothness and flavor that is truly unlike anything ever conceived. 

Founder Ricardo Gamarra proudly boasts "This tequila is absolutely delicious. Beyond what I could imagine as far as flavor, smoothness and depth, this tequila is truly a masterpiece. I'v lost sleep for months due to the excitement of this release and I know everyones going to love it!".

In our never ending venture into raising the bar of fine tequilas, the "Especial De Francia" is no exception to tequila perfections.

Exclusive Release Only to You!

Coming to our members a month early,  You will have the chance to pre-order  barrel 1 of this work of art before anyone else. Only 500 bottles will be released world wide. Be sure to look for our email come the week of November 6 2017 on where to purchase. Your bottle will ship the first week of December 2017.





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