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Tequila and Weight Loss

Most associate drinking as a fast way to rack up countless empty calories and fat.  This is very true when it comes to sipping most liquors, beers, sugar heavy cocktails and even a glass of wine.  However, tequila has actually been associated with the exact opposite effect, in moderation of course!

A study conducted by the American Chemical Society in 2014 experimenting on the effects of tequila on blood glucose levels  found that the sugars found in the Agave Plant, which is what tequila derives from, do not raise blood sugar levels!

How is this so? The sugar in these plants, named Agavin, which is not to be confused with Agave Syrup or nectar, cannot be digested, so in fact they do not raise blood sugar. Another effect the agavin has is due to the hormone they produce called GLP-1. This hormone causes the stomach to be fuller longer and produce insulin.  This has led researches to conclude that agavin could be beneficial to both people with type 2 diabetes or struggling with weight loss issues. Additionally, tequilas fructans actually carry a good amount of healthy probiotics. This helps to clean out our digestive track in order to process food properly, further increasing weight-loss benefits!
This experiment of course did not include sugary margaritas or palomas, however sipping a shot of our El Platino or La Rosa is now much more enticing since a weight-loss link has been made. 
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