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Types of Tequila Dads!

If there is one thing we know, it's that great Fathers deserve a great gift this coming Father's day! This is why we have created this list of the different types of awesome Dads out there and the tequila that fit them! See below and find which tequila is the perfect match for that special man in your life!

The Laid Back Father

He’s always prepared for a good time! The dad who’s the life of the party. His strengths include joke telling, grilling and ensuring everyone feels welcome! Not to mention his keen sense of music including such favorites as the beach boys and jimmy buffet!

For him, our El platino is the perfect match, easy to sip, delicious in a margarita, and a great value to share with everyone! A tequila that does not take itself to seriously, as it’s meant to be enjoy for any occasion!

The Traditional Father

This is a dad who knows what he likes. It doesn’t take the fanciest or most expensive spirits to please this man. He is more interested in the moment and what suites him best. Sure, he will venture forth to try a new tequila, but in the end he always comes back to his favorites! 

This is why our top selling Gran Reserva 5 year Extra Anejo is a matched made in heaven. A solid tequila with robust yet balanced flavor. A perfect go-to sipping tequila that doesn’t depend on innovation, but tradition to please its beholder. 

The Adventurous Father

The type of man that “Tries everything once, and the good things twice!” This dad is no stranger to stepping out of his confront zone and trying something new. Always moving forward, he values new experiences and loves a challenge. He was yelling YOLO before it was cool!

This is why both our El Carbonzado 6 Year Double Barrel Irish Whisky Aged and Especial De Rouge 10 year Grand Marnier Aged Extra Anejos are the perfect gift! Both these tequilas are completely original to the tequila market and make for a new and delicious spin on the more traditional XAs out there. Anyone looking for something new and exciting is bound to love these tequilas!

The Aficionado Father

This man knows more about what’s in his glass than anyone in the room. An aficionado who appreciates every minute of hard work and craftsmanship it takes to create the tequila he enjoys. His collection includes only the best to offer and he can tell you about each bottle if you have the time!

This is why our Vintage 11 year Extra Anejo will only suite this Dad. Using only 9-year-old Agave plants and aged in new French oak barrels for 11 years, this tequila takes over two decades to produce. A truly special tequila that is both smooth and boasting with character due to the many years of aging. A true staple to any tequila Aficionado.

The Sophisticated Father

For the man who has everything. Only the best will suite this connoisseur of finer things. This dad may be one of the hardest to find a gifts for, as he either already has it or has tried it once or twice in his time. Limited editions, one of kinds, and custom order are what he likes. He’s worked hard for his time and has reaped the benefits of his determination.

This is why our “The Collaboration” 12 Year Extra Anejo is the perfect gift. A true one of a kind, only 1 barrel of this tequila is released at a time. Aged 11 years in new French oak, then re-barreled in a famous Silver Oak Cellars Napa Cabernet used wine barrel, this tequila is as unique as it is rare. Rated highest in the world, those who taste this tequila are soon to find an un-parreled experience in smoothness and complexity.

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