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Why Our Extra Anejos Are Perfect For Mom!


If you looking to give your mother the gift she deserves, try our Extra Anejos! Anyone can gift a bottle of wine or flowers, but to give a superb bottle of our fine 5+ years aged tequila is a presentation like no other! 

Here are 5 reasons why our Extra Anejo tequilas are perfect for mom.

Unbelievably smooth-Our Extra Anejos are the most enjoyable of any tequilas we make! Due to the long aging process, the tequilas impurities have further been removed by the oak barrels. No burn or bite is present. Our Extra Anejos are deliciously smooth and amazing to sip.  Mom will be praising you after a taste of these tequilas.

The flavor is amazing! Our tequilas are notoriously sweet, with hints of caramel, toffee, butterscotch, vanilla and honey. Also, our Extra Anejos bring in a note of savory oak and light citric due to the premium French Oak we use to age in. The result is a perfectly balanced masterpiece of flavor. Whether mom loves sweets or savory, we have you covered!

They are rare- We are a boutique company that distributes to small areas. This makes our tequilas harder to find, unless of course you are purchasing online. Mom will love that you put thought into finding this rare treat just for her!

Our female customers told us! Our female customers love our Extra Anejos! In fact, they make up about 49% of our total Extra Anejo purchases!

The highest rated in the world!- If you’re going to give your loving mother a spirit, why not ensure it’s the highest rated by the only competition that matters, the San Francisco Worlds Spirit Competition! She deserves the best, so give her the best


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