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Why We Use French Oak Barrels

Holding true to our mission of creating the absolute highest class and quality tequila, our Extra Anejo Tequila (tequila aged over 3 years) are unrivaled testaments. Using only new premium 100% new French oak casks, we forged away from the tequila industry standard of using old whisky barrels discarded by distilleries such as Jack Daniels. 
Owner of AsomBroso Tequila, Ricardo Gamarra  declared
"I wanted to use barrels that still had love to give. Obviously used up old whisky barrels would never work with creating my Extra Anejo".
When a spirit is rested in a barrel, it pulls the flavors from within the wood. The more virgin a barrel is, the higher the concentration of essence is distributed through out the spirit inside. 
Old whisky barrels can be used 3-4 times before ever housing any tequila! This is why using new barrels is essential to our craft.

Though these virgin barrels are much more expensive, the results are more than worth the cost. The new French oak naturally lends the tequila a subtle and silky sweet flavor that can be describe as  light caramel, toffee, and rich butterscotch. To not overpower the tequila with too much oak flavor, we use a mild toast as to compliment the sweetness of the tequila.
Additionally, French oak barrels have a looser grain, leaving behind a silky, rather then course creamy finish that American oak is known for. This allows the tequila to rest gently on the tongue, achieving an overall more enjoyable experience.
Our "El Platino" blanco tequila, (the un-aged tequila we rest to create our Extra Anejo),  is complimented perfectly due to its natural sweet and citric agave notes. The outcome is an unparalleled smooth and rich experience that is often compared to Remy Martin Loui XIII and other fine armagnac/cognacs. 

Our Extra Anejos have received the highest awards possible, winning double golds for back to back years in the World;s Spirit Competition in San Francisco  California (the competition that matters!). More notably is the rating received by the top authority for spirits, the prestigious Tasting Panel Magazine, awarding an unheard of 95 ( Gran Reserva 5 year), 96 points (Vintage 11 Year) and 97 points ( The Collaboration 12 year) , ranking these tequilas as some of the highest rated tequilas in the world.
If you have yet to taste our Extra Anejo, we recommend starting with the Gran Reserva 5 Year. This tequila is our highest selling and our customers rave about the smoothness and balance of flavor. See for yourself! 
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