Cristalino 3 Year Triple Barrel Extra AÑEJO

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Product image 2Cristalino 3 Year Triple Barrel Extra AÑEJO Triple Barrel

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80 Proof (ABV 40%) | 750ml  Bottle Size | Free shipping From the minds of owners Ricardo and Jarrett Gamarra comes the newest edition to the AsomBroso family and a first of its kind in the World of tequila.  The purpose of this tequila creation is to achieve what we firmly believe is the most balanced tequila known. To reach this goal, we looked into our barrel aging process.  Leveraging the flavor profiles of three different types of oaks, this tequila pulls the essence of each barrels strengths in order to achieve a flavor like no other.
This tequila is first aged in a French Oak cask (our signature aging barrels) to pull sweet flavors such as caramel, toffee, and citric fruits. Then we re-barrel this tequila in a new American oak barrel in order to achieve a savory sensation of oak, vanilla and dried herds and fruit.  The final resting place for this tequila is in Hungarian oak. Not a common barrel used in tequila making, which is a shame because the flavor of this barrel is superb. This oak adds bitter elements such as roasted coffee, bittersweet chocolate and black pepper.

Once Jarrett and Ricardo feel this tequila is at its peak flavor and smoothness, we then did the unthinkable. We filtered this tequila into a cristalino tequila to meld the flavors further into a perfectly uniform balance! This process runs this tequila through charcoal filtration until the color is crystal clear. Each filtration pulls out further impurities while leaving behind the beautiful essence of the barrels. The result is an unmatched Extra Anejo that is perfectly balanced in bitter, sweet and savory flavors unlike anything we have produced before.

At first taste this tequila as subtle notes oak, vanilla, and dried herbs. On the back end is a sweet agave and citric note with a hint of chocolate, black pepper and roasted coffee.

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