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40% off- PRE-ORDER Del Porto Extra Anejo, Plus Vintage 11 year

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With your purchase of our Del Porto Extra Anejo you will receive our famous 11 year age Vintage Anejo 750ml worth $1150 for just $1!  (THE DOLLAR IS ALREADY INCLUDED IN PRICE) 

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About our Del Porto Extra Anejo 11 year

This tequila is the first of its kind and is from Ricardo Gamarra’s personal collection. After double barrel-resting his Vintage 11 Year Old Extra Añejo in the newly-acquired port barrels from Portugal, Del Porto was born. 

Bottled in a crystal decanter he discovered in an 18th century castle in Europe, this decanter took the efforts of Ricardo, and Italian artist Luciano Gambaro, over two years to recreate.

Del Porto's final resting place comes in the form of a beautiful handmade cedar humidor to present the world's most exclusive tequila.

Taste Profile

Del Porto’s texture is smooth and silky while the aroma inhibits a semi sweet, yet oaky persona; palate entry is oaky with floral undertones, while the mid-palate gives way to a toffee with a sweet port.


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