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Pre-Order-Buy One Get One - El Platino Blanco, 750ml

$ 77.98 $ 155.96

The vintage glass decanter top is available upon request.

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We were honored to have our El Platino awarded "Top Tequila" by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition back to back years.

Crafted from specially-selected 100% blue agave, our "Silver" is the foundation for all we produce. Through a proprietary process of multiple distillations and filtration we have found the perfect balance in preserving taste while eliminating the harsh finish present in many other tequilas. AsomBroso El Platino is a sophisticated tequila perfect for sipping straight or mixing.

Taste Profile

The nose emits zesty scents of fennel, anise and dried herbs; aeration brings out elements of chocolate, agave, olive and rye bread. Palate entry is peppery and sharp, followed by mid-palate flavors of sweet pepper and ripe agave; concluding toasty and mellow. 

Free Shipping in U.S

Awarded Top Tequila over 300 Competitors in the World Spirit Competition

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