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45% OFF - Barrel Master Extra Anejo 750ml Pack

Product image 1AsomBroso Tequila Barrel Master Pack Cristalino Gran Reserva Carbonzado vintage 11 extra anejo buy online
Product image 245% OFF - Barrel Master Extra Anejo 750ml Pack
Product image 345% OFF - Barrel Master Extra Anejo 750ml Pack
Product image 445% OFF - Barrel Master Extra Anejo 750ml Pack
Product image 545% OFF - Barrel Master Extra Anejo 750ml Pack

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Order this pack and save big!

You get a 750ml bottles of each -
  • The best selling Gran Reserva 5 Year Extra Anejo rested in French oak .
  • Limited edition El Carbonzado 6 Year Double Barrel Rested in Irish Whiskey Barrels.  
  • The NEW Cristalino 3 Year Triple Barrel Rested.
  • The Legendary Vintage 11 Year rested in New French Oak.
You receive a value of $1055!
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(Clear bottle)

AGING PROCESS -This tequila is first aged in a French Oak cask (our signature aging barrels) to pull sweet flavors such as caramel, toffee, and citric fruits. Then we re-barrel this tequila in a new American oak barrel in order to achieve a savory sensation of oak, vanilla and dried herds and fruit. 

The final resting place for this tequila is in Hungarian oak. Not a common barrel used in tequila making, which is a shame because the flavor of this barrel is superb. This oak adds bitter elements such as roasted coffee, bittersweet chocolate and black pepper.

FILTRATION -Once Jarrett and Ricardo feel this tequila is at its peak flavor and smoothness, we then did the unthinkable. We filtered this tequila into a cristalino tequila to meld the flavors further into a perfectly uniform balance! This process runs this tequila through charcoal filtration until the color is crystal clear.

Each filtration pulls out further impurities while leaving behind the beautiful essence of the barrels. The result is an unmatched Extra Anejo that is perfectly balanced in bitter, sweet and savory flavors unlike anything we have produced before.

TASTING NOTES -At first taste this tequila as subtle notes oak, vanilla, and dried herbs. On the back end is a sweet agave and citric note with a hint of chocolate, black pepper and roasted coffee.

To become our Gran Reserva, our 100% blue agave Silver is aged 5 years in new French oak barrels. This gives our premium Añejo a full-bodied taste that critics have compared to an aged Cognac or Armagnac. To fully appreciate the experience we recommend serving Gran Reserva in a snifter rather than a shot glass.

Tasting notes - At first you are pleasantly surprised by the sweet, delicate, honey-like opening nose; the honey component expands to include vanilla, buttercream and toffee, yielding to a smooth caramel finish.

(orange-gold bottle)

El Carbonzado is a testament to  legendary taste, superior smoothness, and handmade traditional craft. Using 100% premium Blue Weber Agave, we age our blanco tequila for 5 years in new French oak barrels, enriching this tequila with notes of vanilla, caramel, toffee and oak, while clarifying this juice to a succulent smooth finish.

We then do the unthinkable and double barrel rest this liquid gold in premium medium char american oak casks previously used to house one of the worlds highest rated Irish Whiskies.

The results from this whisky barrel adds a beautiful bounty of sweet cream, herb and spice, while enhancing a subtle smoky and savory oak. The taste is smooth, yet unbelievably unique pleasing both tequila and whisky drinkers alike.

TASTING NOTES - Opening nose is pleasantly sweet, with hints of spice, fresh herbs, oak and caramel. Taste is comparable to the finest spirits, vanilla, caramel, smoked spices, dry herbs, toffee and buttercream.

(Colored Bottle)

Aromatic and smooth, with toasted vanilla and honey notes (not to mention some nice heat), this tequila shows amazing depth, complexity, and length.

                                                                        --Anthony Blue Dias, The Robb Report magazine

From Ricardo Gamarra’s personal collection, this Extra Añejo has a 20-year production cycle. Mature, 9 year, blue agave is harvested and aged in French oak casks for 11 years. AsomBroso's 11-year can be described as ‘Nectar of the Gods’ and compares well to the finest cognacs.

Your super-premium Vintage 11-Years are presented in  hand blown decanters.

TASTING NOTES-The nose is sweet with hints of butterscotch and caramel; aeration expands to include honey oak, and a touch of cinnamon; the opening palate is warming agave without the bitterness. Mid-palate reveals notes of vanilla and oak moving towards a smooth finish.

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