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Special Edition "ICP 50th" Gran Reserva 5 yr Anejo

$ 124.99

One of the founds of "The International Chili Society" was Carroll Shelby who has been a dear friend of AsomBroso Fine Tequila's owner/founder Ricardo Gamarra till his passing in May 2012. In celebration of ICS's 50 year anniversary, AsomBroso is honored to donate all proceeds from the ICS adorned, award winning 5 year Extra Anejo tequila to genefit an ICS charity.

About the Gran Reserva 750ml

To become our Gran Reserva,  our 100% blue agave Silver is aged 5 years in new French oak barrels. This gives our premium añejo a full-bodied taste that critics have compared to an aged cognac or Armagnac. To fully appreciate the experience, we recommend serving Gran Reserva in a snifter rather than a shot glass.

Taste Profile

At first you are pleasantly surprised by the sweet, delicate, honey-like opening nose; the honey component expands to include vanilla, buttercream and toffee, yielding to a smooth caramel finish.

Awarded "Best of the Best" by the prestigious Rob Reportand awarded top tequila by the Worlds Spirit Competition